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I have recently bought the MGE XG Dragon case brand new from a supplier.
I have built the PC but there is a constant beep which seems to be occurring at random times. When this happens, the LCD panel on the case resets the time and sometimes the LCD panel lights just die.

It seems to do a long beep of around about 3 seconds at random intervals.

The time on Windows was normal, just the time on the computer case was resetting back to 00:00.

I don't think the beeps are BIOS beeps as this was not only happening during POST but in Windows too.

I downloaded Speedfan and tested the temperature of the motherboard, CPU and fans and they seem fine.

I also downloaded MemTest and ran this after restarting. The memory modules installed were fine and passed 100%.

I did a virus scan and it didn't have any errors.

I had a hard time trying to find any information on this. I did manage to find a review on the Viper case with the following: "Also there is known issue with the Temp. LCD display that will require that you fix it according to the web site. It is an easy fix needing a little solder and hot glue, and it is manditory that you fix it. Problem is 2 wires are soldered together which causes the LCD to display ERR and continuos beep, but as I said it is an easy fix."

I'm wondering whether this issue is happening with the Dragon case too?
I could not find any information on how to go about fixing the issue.

Is someone able to help me or point me in the right direction?

I'd really appreciate it.
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  1. Could be a PSU or GPU or even RAM issue. Go over and make sure everything is properly seated and connected. I would also try disconnecting the LCD display on the case and see what happens.
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