Windows XP video card options.

Hi! I am rebuilding my Windows XP 32 Bit OS system. The motherboard will have a single PCI Express 2.0 X16 slot. No on board graphics.

What video card options do I have? I was thinking about a 4850 DDR3 card. Would I need Vista SP2 or Win 7 to use 5XXX series cards?

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  1. You can use any card that is physically compatible with your motherboard. The operating system you have installed will only limit what functions are available to be used. Since you're using Windows XP, you can use a 5xxx series card, but you will not see any of the Windows 7/Vista specific functions (DX 10/11, Eyefinity).

    -Wolf sends
  2. you can run any of those cards on XP, you just won't have the option of running the DX11 API as XP doesn't support it. The 4850 is probably the best price/performance you'll get though, unless you need more power than that and want to go up to the 5770 or better.
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