Do I have all the connectors I need?

I am about to order all my parts, my biggest concern is that I will be missing some cables when they arrive, like SATA cables to connect to the MoBo or be unable to connect the extra fan I had bought, can someone verify that the parts come with all the cables I will need or if I will have to buy them? And the PSU has 4 PCI-e 6+2-pin connector and the graphics card is 6-pin, do I just not use the other 2?
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  1. Like do I need to buy 2 sata cables for the hard drive and the dvd burner?
  2. You didn't list what you ordered....
  3. Thanks! And someone had linked me the 212+ before and I saw it was good, but I thought the V8 was better (cause it was more expensive..) but I guess I will swap it (I am going to be over clocking).
  4. You probably got your answer but you need nothing. Well check to make sure your monitor comes with a vga/hdmi/dvi cable.

    Also this item really isn't necessary. I guess if it'll make you sleep easier then that's fine but I think it's $8 wasted.
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    Also I don't know who recommended that ram to you but do yourself a favor
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