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I have a Sony VGCRB34G.
I want to upgrade my Radeon X300 series video card. Can I use the
Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 512MB PCI-Express Video Card
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  1. should be fine, but make sure you check your psu and the cards power requirements first
  2. Your stock power supply is 305W. The 4850 has a minimum requirement of 450W. Without upgrading your power supply you could probably get away with a 5670.
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    4850 is a bit much for that PSU most likely. You could get away with the 5670 fine, and even the 5750- but not more than that. The 5750 is probably your best bet there since its performance is about the same as the 4850, but its power consumption is much lower.
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  5. Thanks for your help will try one of these.
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