Games lagging at the start + new environments. Slow RAM?

I'm asking what anyone's opionion is on my current situation;
When i run games (e.g. MW2) they will severely freeze in the first few seconds of playing, as though when i move to look at something the RAM is strugling to locate the certain item. I'm certain its not the hard-drive as i've ran various games from other hard drives. If i don't change my viewing angle the fps stays capped at 60. I currently have the below setup;

2x1gb DDR2 667Mhz RAM
Athlon 6000+
8800GT 512Mb
Samsung F3 1TB
Asus M3N78-AM

I'm almost certain thats its the RAM holding back the performance, as often the GPU and CPU can be at 50% usage but it can still be lagging. I'm also sure that its never having to fip into page file, as there is always at least 20% free of RAM.

I downloaded and installed the trial version of performance test, the results were as follows;

Memory Mark - 531 Composite average
Memory - Allocate small block - 2420Mb/s
Memory - Read cached - 1445Mb/s
Memory - Read un-cached - 1275 Mb/s
Memory - Write = 1214Mb/s
Memory - Large RAM - 556 operations per second

I'm not really aware of the speeds in which it should be running, but hopefully the results could help resolve my problem.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. It's your amount of RAM I had the same problem upgraded to 3GB and all fixed :)
  2. Thanks for your quick reply,

    As the below link is that of my current RAM, theoretically, should it work if I take out;

    1 of these;

    And buy and put in;

    Just making sure I'm not missing anything.
  3. Also try closing some background processes.
    Gamebooster from IOBIT does a good job for a free app.
    It will close background processes and free ram as well.
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