Nvidia 8800 gt help!!

guys this is my first post .. i gav read many post and liked the sloutions given by this community...
my problem is i hav 8800 gt 512mb ram ..just bought from friend...
core =660 mhz
i hav checkd its idle temperature remains 65-70 and if i start playng game after 5 minutes my pc get shutdown ...// i hav core 2 duo .1.6ghz with 1.5 gb ram and intel 946 motherborad...
i hav 400 watts power supplyy of intex...
my pc wont shutdown if i not play games bt if i play game than get shutdown within 10 min.. tried 2 increase the fan speed .. temperature went down but again the pc get shut down if i play any game ....
can anyone plz help....
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  1. That sounds like a Power supply issue to me. Did you ever have problems playing games before you got the 8800GT from your friend? It could be that you have a crappy 400W supply that is having problems once you start loading the GPU more heavily in a game.
  2. What are the specs of that 400W PSU. That could be your issue. The minimum requirement is a 400W PSU, but if its a cheapo OEM model it may not have the power to run it in 3d mode.
  3. no . never i faced this problem... earlier i was having 8600 gt of xfx but id did not show any problem ..... only this is showing problem i cant run my pc more than 1 hour even if i am brwosing on net and gaming not more than 10 minutes ya but soft games like cs it can run upto half and hour ...

    and my power supply is of intex 400 w .. its shows smthng like
    ac input 220v 4A 50hz
    dc output +12v 20A -12V 0.5A
    +3.3v 28A +5vsb: 2A
  4. srry to add last line of power supply info ---
    and power supply shows
    ac input 220 v 4A 50hz
    dc input +5v 40A -5v 0.5 A
    +12 v 20A -12V 0.5A
    +3.3V 28A +5VSb 2A
  5. anyone will plz reply..
  6. w8nggggg ...plz help
  7. As mentioned before, it could be the power supply. I had a generic 450 w power supply that failed after a year of running my 8800gt. Just put the card in your friends system to make sure it works; if it works it is your power supply.
  8. The 8800GT requires 450W PSU with 26A on the 12V rails. You have only 20A and that can be one reason for your problem. You can try downclocking the core to 600MHz (normal 8800GT core clock), this will cause the card to run cooler and draw less power from the PSU.
  9. i am buying 600watt power supply some company name altech will it solve my problem or do i hav to buy some extra cooler fan or thermal paste or smthng else ???
  10. i hav single six pin power conncetor ..do i need dual power connecter will it be helpful ?
  11. Intex PSU are not very good quality PSU and they won't be able to run a 8800GT FOR SURE!

    Don't get an altech PSU.

    Are you from India?

    I will recommend you a Corsair 400CX for Rs3000 which is a very nice PSU.

    Mention your budget...
  12. ty ..guys finally i bought new psu 600 watt and now my game does not restart but ya temperature problem still there ??/ so any advice i mean do i hav to apply thermal paste thing ??
  13. What model 8800Gt do you have? You said it has 65-70C idle temps. What are the load temps? Also, what are your ambient temps? (ie. the room your PC is in).

    Some 8800GT models have smaller coolers and run hotter. I have a spare 8800gts in my computer right now and it has a dual slot cooler and idles at 60C. an 8800GT has a single slot cooler and would idle much higher so this doesn't seem off to me. Load temps would tell us alot.
  14. its of zotac 512 mb ..
  15. How warm does it get at load? If it doesn't get too much above 80C you are fine, but if its getting into the 90's and stuff, then you may need to pick up an aftermarket cooler for it.
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