CPU Temp or Core Temp? Which one matters?

Okay I just built my first custom PC and went out to buy the $30 Hyper 212 Plus from

When reading the reviews from there and Newegg, everyone with an overclocked i7 920/930 says they don't run any hotter than 70C.

I'm using Everest Ultimate and Real Temp version 3.4 to measure my temps but Real Temp doesn't show the CPU temp, only core temps. Which temp is the one that matters? Which one is the one everyone is talking about?

I overclocked my i7 930 to 4.0 Ghz (20x200)

Everest Ultimate
CPU Temp: 69C
Core 1: 86C
Core 2: 86C
Core 3: 84C
Core 4: 82C

If everyone in their reviews was talking about the Core temps then I'm running way too hot, if they're talking about the CPU temp then phew, I'm right where I wanted to be.

btw open case temps are 4C less.
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    I would trust RealTemp more, CPU temp refers to the CPU case which is normally 5°C lower than the core. Those temperatures are a bit too high, you should keep your core temps below 75°C ideally at full load.

    If you want it a bit cooler make sure that you did not overuse thermal paste and it spread evenly.
  2. k thanks, yeah I'm a little worried on that thermal paste part. Case only has 1x120mm front fan, 1x120mm rear fan. I'm thinking about getting a new case for better airflow.
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