Dell XPS Gen 5 hardware failure: cpu0 temp "out of range" error

Hi,I realize that this is not a question for the build-it-yourself experts, but I have a Dell XPS Gen 5 running Windows 7 for the last year. Suddenly it crashes when windows loads (or Ubuntu for that matter).

The bios (A04) log shows a cpu0 temp "out of range" error.

I am sure that this is a hardware problem. I have tried the following:

1) installed new thermal paste between heat sink and cpu

2) replaced cpu fans with refurbished fans (the fans spin on boot)

3) Cleared/reconfigured BIOS cmos settings

4) removed and tested various configurations of memory

None of the above helped. Does anyone have any other suggestions other than replacing the motherboard and/or processor? I can't do anything in Windows as the system crashes upon
loading windows and also when selecting Windows repair option.

Is there any way to determine if it is the processor or motherboard that is the problem?

As an aside, I fear that this entire system is a proprietary system that will limit my ability to
upgrade the mobo and use the case and peripherals. Does anyone know what format of motherboard is the Gen 5? Will the case and power supply accommodate a standard ATX board?

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  1. The XPS Gen 5 motherboards are not standard ATX, and your case will not accomodate a standard ATX motherboard. The factory HSF used 3 "U" shaped heapipes, so even if one did leak, the other two would still work. The only thing that is left to wonder about is A) a bad hardware monitor on the MB, or B) a bad CPU reporting that it's overheating when it's not.
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