Which SSD should I get?


These are my options. I am really leaning towards either the Samsung 830 or the Crucial M4 CT128. The Samsung is more expensive but it is a much more reliable company along with good reviews from Newegg and friends that have the same drives.

Crucial M4s have very solid reviews, and I would also be happy with that drive.

Thanks for your time and any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.
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  1. I'd go samsung, plus you can sell (or use) the free game!
  2. Got to agree on the Samsung. That's what I'd get of those if you don't mind spending a bit extra.
  3. Hi guys,girls.. I have some questions.. My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA Z68P-DS3 Rev2.1.. Can I buy a 64Gb Crucial CT064M4SSD3 mSata card? On what things I have to see if it fits(compatibel) and does it boost your gaming performance aswell?? Sorry for bothering,I am still learning everything about the basics!
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