Couple of oc questions

I have a question to you OC's out there (this is my 1st attempt at OC fyi). I have OC my Quad core q9550 from 2.83-3.54GHZ as of now. Been running the Prime95 torture test (the option where it tests most of your ram, blend option i think).

My current high temps on the cores after running Prime95 so far error free for about an hour (using Core Temp)

Core 0 58
Core 1 50
Core 2 53
Core 3 51

Most things ive read up on OC say that using the torture test for my CPU to keep it below 65C. So according to that information (Intel gives this cpu a max temp of like 71.5C) i have room for to OC this more safely correct?

Now obviously the lower voltage the CPU has to use the less heat it will produce. But how do i test at what point i need to stop lowering it? Just keep decreasing it in bios 1 notch at a time? And what will happen on boot when i reach the point of not enough voltage? Will it not boot? Or will something else happen?

Thanks for any input on my questions.

My specs:
EVGA nforce 790i SLI FTW mobo
Intel Core 2 quad Q9550 @2.83GHZ (Right now 3.54GHZ)
Kingston 4GB (2x2g) DDR3 RAM @1333
Cooler MAster 932 HAF tower
Vista 64bit OS

Oh and another question, if i upgrade to DD3 Ram @2000 is that a huge difference in performance?
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  1. If your lowering the Vcore you should get anomalies in prime way before you get boot issues. If your happy with 3.54GHz you can start lowering the Vcore. I would start with one step in the bios, whatever it is. Test for a few hours if you can, then drop it another one. Keep going until you find a stable buy lower Vcore.
  2. Ok thank you for the response! Very much appreciated, will be testing it now.

    As far as upgrading RAM, is there a huge difference in performance between the two? Or is it just minimal/.
  3. Depends on how you run them? You could plug them in and use the same settings you have in the bios right now. If so, the difference should be zero. You could also plug them in and try to run tighter timings then the sticks you have now. Depending on the timings you have now and the timings you achieve with the new set you could see a small improvement.

    Running DDR3@2000MHz allows you to overclock farther then if you were using DDR3@1333. We are talking 4GHz+. For most people the DDR3@1333 or 1600MHz ram is all you need. The 2000GHz sticks are for the serious overclockers. If your stopping at 3.5, or not using water cooling, then the 1333 sticks you have now are probably fine.
  4. Thanks 4745454 just the info i was looking for.
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