3 Monitos + ATI 4870?

I am trying to extend my desktop onto 3 displays ( one being a HDTV ) and am using 1 ATI 4870, I can get 2 desktops to run flawlessly but it will not let me extend onto a third. I am using the HD cables the card came with and both DVI outputs. Thanks in advance for help!
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  1. HD 4 series cards can't output three unique displays; you'll either need another card (doesn't have to be the same) or an HD 5 series card to get three displays.
  2. I'm sure I know the awnser to this one but I have an older Geforce 8600 GTS would I be able to use that as the second card for the ports?
  3. As long as you are using either Windows XP or 7, then yes, you can use the 8600 as an add-in card. Vista requires that all video devices use the same driver, so it would block the Geforce card from installing properly.
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