Why are there so many Radeon 5870 versions?? help??

Building first computer, I love all the great reviews for the 5870. So I start shopping around and now there are tons of 5870 cards, all different prices, made by different people.

Okay, this is way noob, but which one is the best bang for the buck if I'm already planning on spending over 400. Want to OC (maybe). I can't find manufacture reviews per video card so I'm really at a loss here. Any recommended versions you think I should go with??
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  1. There are many brands to choose from but most people use one of these methods.
    Buy the cheapest for the best performance/$
    Buy the one with the best cooler for overclocking
    Buy XFX for the best Warranty (at least in US)
    Buy the brand you like, brand loyalty.
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