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I use this MB with XP 32 but want to upgrade to Win 7 64. I cannot find drivers such as chipset, audio,sata raid for initial RAID load w/Windows install. Anyone direct me? Also, should I update the bios (flash it)?
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  1. If you can not find Win7 drivers you can try the Vista 64bit (same family OS)
    I would only update the BIOS if not functioning correctly.
  2. X7DWA-N

    Your best bet is the Windows Vista (64 bit) Intel 5400/5100/3210/3200 Series Chipset INF Utility for Windows.

    The remaining Drivers, go to the OEM sites:
    Intel -

    Most of the Drivers will be installed via your Windows DVD. There are NO guarantees. The latest BIOS version is R 1.2c, and in this instance I would recommend that you have the latest BIOS.

    Why are you looking to run Windows 7 on a server MOBO? BTW the only versions of Windows 7 that will run 2 or more CPUs are Pro, Enterprise and Ultimate. {see Maximum physical CPUs supported}
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