Which motherboard fot i5 2500k

hey i have got the i5 2500k which motherboard???asus p8p67 or sabertooth p67???or any gigabyte mobo.want the best within 10k indian rupees (arnd $230).then i need to go for the graphics card
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  1. I would go with the ASUS SABERTOOTH P67.
  2. Depends on the features you want and your expectations. To be honest I don't quite see what the Sabertooth has to offer over the P8P67 Pro aside from the "shield".
  3. now how does the shield affet the performance???both are more or less the same price here in india so i ca go for any hlp out
  4. The shield is supposed to be there for cooling, but people say the difference is negligible if the casing is well ventilated. However, the Sabertooth does come with a 5 year warranty instead of the 3 years for the P8P67 Pro. On the other hand the P8P67 Pro seems to have on-board bluetooth.

    If you prefer the look or want the 2 extra year of warranty, go for the Sabertooth. If you want to save some $$$ or want the bluetooth, then go for the Pro.
  5. hmmm so which one do u suggest.or is it negligible btwn sabertooth and p8p67 pro???as the price diff only abt 2k indian rupees($40).bt warranty matrs.i have read smwhr dat p8p67 pro has a betr bios hence its betr??so plzzz commnt
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    If it was my money, I would get the P8P67 Pro and put that money to better use on other components; the shield is probably not worth 40$ and I don't think any of these boards would die within 5 years no matter the warranty. As for Asus vs Gigabyte (P67A-UD4), both would be of equal quality, but I think more work was put toward the Asus's EUFI (new BIOS) interface compared to Gigabyte's and for that reason I would go toward Asus.
  7. Not sure if i should create a new thread for this, but it is in line with this thread...

    What do you think of the Jetway P67?

    This is for a budget build and the $20 difference could be used elsewhere in this build. Are there any glaring issues on the Jetway board compared to the Asus P67 the OP listed?

  8. I might be wrong, but I haven't seen anywhere the mention of UEFI (new kind of BIOS) for Jetway MB and I scanned the manual so. In itself it's not the end of the world, but it does show some kind of "outdatedness". I would rather go for the ASRock P67 Extreme4 (10$ more than the Jetway). BTW, my previous comments were for the P8P67 Pro, not the base one.
  9. so zenthar tell me one thing.i had alwz looked to get asus for if asrock extreme gives the same facilities for a leeser amnt then i shld go fir it.shldnt i??????or shld i finalize asus p8p67 and sabertooth and decide among then according to budget constraints???
  10. The ASRock might be slightly slower (but not in a significant way), has only a 1 year warranty vs 3 for the P8P67-Pro and 5 years for the Sabertooth and it won't OC as well. The P8P67 Pro has built-in bluetooth, but the ASRock has a 5.25 bay FP USB 3.0 connector with SSD caddy.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind getting the ASRock especially if getting an Asus would mean sacrificing something else (ex: I would rather put the 40$ on a SSD/GPU than on the MB).
  11. hmmmm for me warranty matters.then asrock dsnt rock for i go for asus.need to check all the specs of both the models.then i wud dcid.wise dcisn zenthar??????
  12. Comparing all your options is always a wise decision.
  13. hehe no i asked whtr selecting asus was a wise decisn or not????
  14. You can't go wrong with the Asus P8P67 Pro, it is probably the most recommended board for Sandy Bridge builds.
  15. thnx zenthar.for ur hlp
  16. No problem. I also invite you to put your complete build specs in the new build forum for final global review and post a link back in this thread if you want. Don't forget to use the template.
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