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So my friend just re-installed windows XP and is trying to connect to our wireless network, but we aren't seeing it listed and don't even know if the hardware is installed even though its an internal wireless card. It's very strange, my computer uses windows 7 and I can't remember how to do it on XP. What steps do we take to connect to the wireless network, do we need to find hardware if so, the only thing we are seeing when we auto-detect hardware is something called a base system device but there are no drivers for it. We might be (almost certainly) missing something obvious, but have tinkered around on it for a few hours now. Any and all help is appreciated its a Dell XPS M140 laptop if that helps. He had been running linux but wanted to play a Windows XP only game, I know I know Linux vs XP lets not go there lol.

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  1. check in the Device Manager if the wireless network card is detected and the drivers are installed
  2. Thanks. It says I have a 1394 Net Adapter and it is working properly. Is that it ?
  3. It also says I have Base System Device that are not installed and Ethernet Controller that is not installed.
  4. here are the available drivers for the laptop

    under Network the Broadcom driver is the one for your Ethernet Controller

    in the Device Manager is there line for Network adapters?

    on the bottom right by the clock is there a wireless network icon?
  5. There is no icon by the clock.
  6. I think 1394 is the Net Adapter ?
  7. Fixed !

    Thanks for your help.
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