Computer runs, but screen is black

so 1 day i was just surfing the web, and suddenly the screen blacked out and the pc was still running...
so i turned the pc off, and since then when i turn the pc on i dont see anything on the screen, but i hear the pc running.
btw i cant turn off the shutdown button, i need to pull out the psu cable.
its not the monitor either.
somethings wrong with the pc, maybe some component burned idk...
btw i dont hear the beep when i turn the pc on, but i hear and see the fans working.

so wats the problem?
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  1. Probably the PSU.

    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    Just because the fans run does not mean the system does. All the running fans indicate is that the PSU is producing some small amount of 12 volt power and that you do not have a major short. A major short would crowbar the PSU and nothing would work.
  2. i dont think the cpu is the problem, cause i got coretemp running always and the cpu didnt go over 55c before my pc crashed.
    but how can i be sure its the cpu, us there anyway to check?
  3. anyone?
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