Custom case - nuts, bolts, fans, rubber gaskets?

Greetings all,

I recently purchased an ascension cyo case with accompanying hard drive racks. I'm new to nuts and bolts and 'custom' cases, so I lack even most basic info.

I've bolded the 'questions'.

Here's how I was planning to fasten the 120mm fans + hard drive racks to the case (please review and comment) - outside to inside:
* bolt - similar to "6-32 1.5 inch Black Oxide bolts w/nuts. (4 pack)" - however it seems 4mm (8/32) bolts will fit, which would be more sturdy, so I was thinking of using 4mm wide 35/40mm (1.5"/1.75") long ones instead.
- no washer (should I?)
* case side/wall - this is just (part of) the case itself
* rubber gasket for noise reduction - hopefully this will also reduce vibration led to the hard drives
* 120mm fan
- no rubber gasket (should I? would this reduce vibrations moved to hard drive rack / hard drives? Or would this simply weaken the build and perhaps increase vibrations?)
* hard drive rack
- no washer (should I?)
* nut

Thanks for your time
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    Washers are generally not needed most computer screws already have a washer basically built into the design of the screw. Use the rubber gasket and rubber grommets for the fans but for your hard drives it is not needed modern hard drives do not make as much noise so it isn't needed but if you want to it wouldn't hurt.
  2. For extra clarity (and because I still can't edit my own messages):
    Question summary:
    * 4mm (8/23") nuts&bolts are fine instead of 3mm ones (6/32") and will in fact improve case/fan/hard drive stability?
    * are washers (next to bolt and/or nuts) a good idea?
    * I've ordered rubber gaskets for between case/fan (and hard drives are attached to the fans). Is it a good idea to place more rubber gaskets between the fans and the hard drive racks? - I'm mostly thinking about hard drive safety/life there, reducing vibrations to the hard drives from the fans

    First off, thanks for the reply :)
    So to summarize your post:
    * bigger nuts/bolts are fine or better (not specified)
    * washers are unnecessary and simply add cost/weight/...
    * rubber does reduce sound but is unnecessary as far as hard drives go (though it can't hurt either)
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