Swapping H55 for P55: any particular recommendations?

Budget: pretty much £0, but realistically looking at £100 max or as close to it as possible.

Basically, I tried to start overclocking on my Asus P7H55-M SI only to realise that this was an impossibility. Scan have accepted an unwanted item RMA for it, in which case they will refund what I paid if they get it back in good condition.

Anybody got any particular recommendations for a good but fairly cheap P55 board that will take an Intel i3-540 (yeah, the 3.07GHz one, hence my desire to overclock :pfff:)?
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  1. Thanks for that, it was actually exactly that board I was looking at myself (the £110 one). I don't really want to spend much, but it's a pretty pointless endeavour to go through all this hassle and then skimp on longevity anyway. The whole point is to stretch the lifespan of this system.

    This is slightly off-topic (and I'll repost elsewhere if you like) but I have a question regarding washers on the motherboard fixing screws. My case came with 6 cardboard washers, and although there are metallic nubs around the screwholes on the mobo I'm fairly sure the bronze fittings that accept the screws might be touching the surface of the board (i.e. not hitting the nubs, but going inside them) without the washers being in the way. Is this a problem, or should I just fit without the washers?
  2. I have installed multiple boards without the washers, and no problems.
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