How can I get my asus motherboard to boot up hdd? I can\'t get it to booting opt

I cannot get my system to go into boot options to change booting options so I can start windows xp
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  1. Can you get into BIOS?
  2. rolli59 said:
    Can you get into BIOS?

    It won't let me into it...keeps telling me to put in a disc and hit any key when ready then does nothing
  3. Reset your BIOS to defaults, pull out the motherboard battery for a minute and stick it back in!
  4. I did luck
  5. no I can get into boot options but it won't boot at all...not sure how to configure my boot options
  6. So are you trying to boot a windows from a HDD? Select HDD with windows as a first boot device! the rest does not matter.
    If you are trying to boot up from CD to install windows? Select optical drive as first device.
  7. would that be cd/dvd option on bios screen?
  8. Yes cd/dvd is optical.
  9. now it says it cannot detect a hard drive on my system..this is a new hard drive...???
  10. when I try to install says there is no hard drive..I have a new hdd that was just installed????
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