Gigabyte MA790X Beeps

Gigabyte MA790X UD4P
AMD Phenom II 940
2x2GB Kingston
AMD 5770
XFX 750W (brand new - problem occurred before I got this)

I get a repeating beep (noticeably longer than normal, but not what I'd call long), every 5 seconds or so. Nothing on display, but the fans sound and there is clearly power. When this first occurred it was on and simply froze, with the sound suddenly sounding gharbled (not noise or repeating a section, this is the best word for it). I've tried swapping the PSU and graphics card (with an ATI x850) to no avail. I've also taken everything out of the case and mounted it on a table, just in case it was shorting. The problem is intermittent; sometimes (very rarely) it "just works" for a day, two days at a time. Then nothing. I'm going crazy, I can't think what it could be. In the mobo manual it says:

1 short beep: success
(other stuff it can't be)
Continuous short beeps: graphics problem
Continuous long beeps: power problem

Which doesn't really fit what I'm hearing. I've googled a little and will continue to do so, and I've heard some other reports of similar issues with this mobo. I'm going a little crazy, so any advice would be helpful.

EDIT: About a month before the issue, I noticed it was only registering one of the ram sticks. I reseated them and this went away.

See:, it's the same issue.
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  1. Try again with one stick of RAM at a time. Did you check your CPU/GPU temperatures while it was working?
  2. I have done, no dice. I didn't check the temps directly before, but I know that in the months leading up it had been fine.
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