Psu upgrade

Will i see an improvement in gaming performance if i upgrade, currently running :
350 watt power supply
6420 core 2 duo @ 3.2 Ghz , fsb 1600
2x 512 modules + 2x 1Gb modules = 3gb ram
8800gt 512 (not overclocked)
2x 80gb HDD in raid
1x 250gb HDD
2x 80mm fans

so far i run most games such as splinter cell conciction, assasins 2, max settings without any crashes. Machine is 3 years old,only recently has the FSB,CPU been overclocked.
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    PSU, won't improve anything unless the system is shutting down randomly... Don't bother
  2. You are maxing out your PSU but like Computerrock1 said as long as you are not getting random shut downs I wouldn't worry about it. A larger PSU will add no performance gains. You will only need a bigger PSU if you go with a more powerful GPU otherwise you are good even with your overclock.
  3. Thanx alot guys :bounce:
    , nope, no random shut downs yet. i'll just wait for this psu to die then i'll reinvest in a good one, thought i was missing out on the 8800's full potential(stock).
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