Very strange CPU fan operation

hello all

i'm a bit perplexed by what's going on in my build, and i was hoping the experts here could lend a hand. any advice is welcome, and i appreciate it.

so the issue only occurs with a COLD boot- warm boots are unremarkable, and everything functions as it should.

my mobo is gigabyte ga-x58a-ud3r rev 1, with a intel i7 930 cpu. i was using the stock cpu cooler, but i recently replaced it with a cooler master hyper 212 plus.

hitting the power button, all fans spin up as intended, EXCEPT the cpu fan. the cpu fan will spin for about 3 seconds, then STOP. it will then sit there, motionless, for about 7 additional seconds, until a POST beep code (which i'm presuming is the fan alarm) sounds. however, IMMEDIATELY following the beep code, the fan will spin up, and continue to spin and operate normally. win 7 always loads fine, and the cpu fan spins throughout operation as it should.

is this normal operation? why does it take an error beep code to get the cpu fan to spin? also, should i be concerned for my cpu if it's without a fan for the initial 10 seconds of every cold boot?

thanks all, i'd appreciate any thoughts you might have.
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  1. 10 seconds probably won't hurt anything but if i were you i might reset the cmos, might fix it, might not.

    to reset just turn off the pc unplug it, take the battery out of the motherboard takign care to note the way its in, then walk away with the battery out i usually do it overnight and then put battery back in the morning but i don't really think it needs that long its supposed to be almost instant restart when battery removed.
  2. thanks for the suggestion- my mobo actually came with a 'clear cmos' button on the back, so i tried that. at first i thought it actually worked as the post beep didn't happen, but then i realized it was just because the fan alarm was just disabled. the fan still half spins after 2-3 of hitting the power button, stops, then spins up.

    any other ideas as to why the board would only start spinning the fan when it thinks it's failing? also, will this 5-8 second cold boot fanless start up stress the processor?

    i guess i'm just trying to figure out if i should be worried about this- since the fan works, i'm tempted to just turn the fan alarm off and chalk it up to a bizarre mobo quirk. but if it's going to cause damage, i really want to take care of it before it's a problem.
  3. really 10 seconds won't hurt it, the metal will conduct heat across the entire sink, and provided you have case fans you will be getting some circulation on the fins for that 10 seconds, if it were not workign at all there would be somethign to worry about, however while odd i don't believe your problem will cause any damage to your system
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