Cooler Master: CM690 II Advanced vs. HAF 922

I am taking the plunge today on my new system. I'm just looking for some final advice on the case. I really like the CM690 II, but reading some other threads, it seems like a lot of the rest of you really like the HAF 922.

My question is, what specific things about the HAF 922 make it better than the CM690 II (or any other case)? I'm buying a reference design XFX 5850, so fitting the graphics card is not a problem in either case.

Reasons I like the CM690 II:
~Dust filters
~Painted interior
~External SATA X-dock
~Nicer aesthetics (IMHO)

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    The 690 is a lot smaller than the HAF. Also, the HAF is extremely high quality, very expandable, fits every GPU out there and practically every cooling system. Not only that, but it has an awesome cooling system as well. The HAF also has dust filters, great cable management and is very easy to build in. It's also fairly cheap compared to other quality cases.

    That said, if all you're using is the 5850, the 690 is big enough and good enough already. Unless you're planning on adding a lot of components or a bigger GPU, you should be fine.
  2. Amount of airflow in a case is determined by 2 primary factors, size of fan blades, and speed at which they are turning (orientation also plays a big role but that's not important in this comparison).

    Now to increase air flow, you either have to use bigger fans, like the HAF's 200mm ones, or spin the 120mm ones in the CM690 faster. Unfortunetly, higher fan speed results in higher fan noise.

    Therefor, using large fans will in general, provide equal air flow for less noise.

    Now, there is a limit to this, as at some point, the noise from air moving becomes louder than the fan motor noise.
  3. Planning on playing Lotro on that computer?

    If you are not planning on lots of expansion then the CM690 should be fine.
  4. Not a big fan of MMOs. I don't much believe in paying someone $15/month to play a game I already paid them $50 for.

    About the only expansion I plan to do is to crossfire my 5850 sometime in the future (once the prices drop).
  5. With a name like Mithrandir, I figured the odds were good. Oh well.

    The 5850 may be the coolest card currently in production so adding a second should not be a big deal.
  6. It's not, but it's close.
  7. Thanks guys. I ended up going with the HAF 922.
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  9. It's a nice case you'll love it.

    On a side note my wife complains that it's too cold with the 200mm fan on top as exhaust. Gotta give to win :).
  10. Well the advance II has some key points as well.
    1. it has filters. not easy to remobe but the filters are there.
    2. has a dock up top. nice if you fix other peoples pc a lot.
    3. can take either 2 dual 120mm or dual 140mm case fans.
    4. a fan can be installed in the bottom to pull air to the gpu

    both are roughly the same dimensions while the haf does look noticably bigger.
    personally i would go with which ever you think looks the best.
  11. MadAdmiral said:
    It's not, but it's close.

    The 5850, 5770 and 5750 are all so close in temp. Only cards with custom cooling like vapor-x can compete.
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