MSI Motherboard won't stay on

When the whole system (all new parts) were together it would boot then stay on for about 5 seconds, go off for 3 then repeat.

It is an MSI P67A-GD53 (socket 1155).

I tested every part in my pc, except the cpu and mobo for obvious reasons. They all work. Then i test the mobo with my PSU and it still had the same problem... The mobo has 6 leds next to the cpu and all 6 would flash when i started it, then hold 3 till it died and repeated.

Any thoughts? Could it be a bad mobo (my psu is 1000W, enough poweR). The 24 and 8 pin power plugs were in.
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  1. Likely that it is the motherboard.
  2. Darn. I was hoping i didnt need to RMA
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