The best computer set-up for trading....

I need to upgrade my desktop computer, What is currently the 'biggest bang for the buck' now out there. I am trading stocks, futures and options on 'think or swim's site. Ideally I'd like a set-up for three screens.
1. What type of motherboard
2. RAM size
3. Vedio card
4. Processor
If I could get specific feedback I sure would appreciate some direction. I do not need 'edge techology', since I am not a gamer, but need the speed from the cable line that is 18-24 Mbps. And to have a computer that will last a few years and change out parts, to maximize its efficency. Thx in advance---RKK
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  1. It would be better if you followed the guidelines from the link in my signature. Without that information, you're going to get very general advice. We need at least a budget to work on...

    1.) Doesn't really matter. ATX is going to be the most common.
    2.) As much as you can afford. Likely 8 GB for an AM3/LGA1156 build or 12 GB for LGA1366 build.
    3.) Any HD 5xxx series card. Likely the 5670 to save some money.
    4.) Whatever fits the budget. If it's really cheap (i.e. $600 or less), the X4 620. If it's a little higher than that ($800ish), the X4 955. After that it'd be the X6, then the i7-930. Finally, if we're talking a very large budget, the i7-980X ($1,050 by itself). It's possible that a server build would be better, but those are expensive...
  2. 2> More ram just generates heat and uses power if you dont need it. 4 or 6 GB may well be enough. Its easy to add another set later if you find you do need it.
    3> 5670 if he wants to do light gaming, otherwise dropping all the way down to a 5450 should be fine.
    4> If all he is doing is running stock websites then im not sure any CPU power above the Athlon IIx4 will be noticeable.
  3. I always forget that the 5450 is available...
  4. MadAdmiral said:
    I always forget that the 5450 is available...

    Its that gaming focus we almost all have. Who would want a computer if they arent going to game on it? :lol:
  5. ...
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