5770 Crossfire EYEFINITY

So I know you need two dvi and must use one displayport for eyefinity. But is this only because for one video card there is only 2 dvi ports? So if I get another 5770 card, would I be able to use 3 dvi ports for eyefinity or do I still need to use the displayport?
I currently have a sapphire 5770, if I want crossfire do I need the exact same video card or can it be any 5770 made from different companies?

Thank you
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  1. Hey there,

    I believe you still need an ACTIVE displayport adapter.

    To crossfire, you need to connect ALL 3 (2xDVI, 1xdisplayport) into the SAME card.

    Also, it doesn't matter which brand you get to crossfire. Just make sure they are the same clock speed and memory.

    Finally, if one card has a higher memory, crossfire will use the lowest memory amount only.

    Good luck.
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