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I have put together a new system and from the start I have been getting a lot of BSOD's. A few days after my first installation of Windows 7 the system became unstable, wouldn't boot and couldn't be repaired. I installed Windows 7 a second time and have been running it with frequent BSOD's since the beginning of January. The system is not overclocked and is running on default detected settings.

system specs:
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
CPU: Intel I3 540
Mobo: Biostar TH55B HD
Memory: Corsair CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 2x2GB (4GB total) memory kit for Intel.
PSU: Corsair CX430 Builder Series (430 watt)
Graphics: XFX Radeon HD 4650 on Samsung Syncmaster 931BW
Hard Drive: Western Digital WD1600AAJS-00B4A0 160 GB SATA
Additional: Linsys/Broadcom 802.11b Wireless PCI network adaptor, Sony CRX320EE DVD & CDRW PATA

The Biostar Board has four memory slots [A2 A1 B2 B1]. The Corsair kit has 2 2GB memory modules. I installed memory module 1 (M1) and memory module 2 (M2) as follows according to motherboard instructions: [XX M1 XX M2]. I had a memtest CD so I booted to it. I went to bed to let it run overnight. It seems the test only made it less than five minutes before finding a few errors and crashing with a "Unexpected Interrupt - Halting CPU0."

The screen looked like this when I woke in the morning:
Memtest-86 v3.5a | Pass: 44% #################
Intel Nehalem 3157 Mhz | Test: 31% #############
L1 Cache: 32k 61899 MB/s | Test #6 [ Moving Inversions, 32 bit patterns ]
L2 Cache: 256k 36285 MB/s | Testing: 200k - 2048M 4023M Using CPU:0
L3 Cache: 4096k 27214 MB/s | Pattern: 00200000
Memory: 4023k 9071 MB/s |-------------------------------------------------

Time: 0:04:33 Cached: 4023 Test_Sel: Std Pass: 0
MemMap: e820 Iter: 1 CPU_Sel: Single Errors: 7
Psvd_mem: 246k Act_CPUs 1 ECC_Mem: Off ECC_Err: 0
Unexpected Interrupt - Halting CPU0

Type: 6fb02468 eax: 6fb02468 6f602468 ffffffff 6f62498 08000000
PC: 6fb02468 ebx: 6fb02468 6f60246c 00010000 6f6249c 10000000
Eflag: 6fb02468 ecx: 6fb02468 6f602470 00020000 6f624a0 20000000
Code: 6fb02468 edx: 6fb02468 6f602474 00040000 6f624a4 40000000
DS: 6fb02468 edi: 6fb02468 6f602478 00080000 6f624a8 80000000
SS: 6fb02468 esi: 6fb02468 6f60247c 00100000 6f624ac 00000001
ebp: 6fb02468 6f602480 00200000 6f624b0 00000002
esp: 6fb02468 6f602484 00400000 6f624b4 00000004
6f602488 00800000 6f624b8 00000008
CS: EIP: ff ff ff ff 00 00 01 00 00 00 6f60248C 01000000 6f624bc 00000010
6f602490 02000000 6f624c0 00000020

I removed M2 (memory module 2) and tried the test again - [XX M1 XX XX]. I got the same results as the night before. It crashed on test #6 with the same error. I then put took out M1 and put in M2 - [XX M2 XX XX]. I ran the test for a couple hours and didn't get any errors. I then added M1 back, putting it in the B1 slot - [XX M2 XX M1]. The system didn't crash this time, but the test found thousands of errors in both M1 and M2, or "slot 0" and "slot 2" according to the memory test.

I ran the test on memtest86+ also and got similar results. It did make it through both [XX M1 XX M2] and [XX M2 XX M1] without crashing, but like memtest86, claimed there were thousands of errors on both modules. It also made it through the [XX M2 XX XX] test without errors.

My conclusion is that memory module 1 (M1) is bad. I am also thinking that memory module 2 (M2) is good, because M2 made it through the test while alone in slot A1 without errors. Should I be concerned that errors were found on M2 when M1 was installed? I am rather new to memtest. I bought the Corsair memory because it claimed to be compatible with any DDR3 dual channel system running an i3, i5 & i7, even though it was not on the Biostar's list of compatible memory. The Biostar list didn't seem to have been updated in quite a while. Should there be any problems with this memory and the TH55B HD board?
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    I think that you are right in your assumption that only one module is bad testing with both in will of course fail with a bad module in there. The memory should be fine for that board (they can not test all the memory on the market).
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am glad I found some decent evidence as to what was causing my computer problems.
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