Evga 9800gt 1g ddr3 won't work

I just bought this card to be installed on my ABIT IP-95 mobo, it has a pentiumD 3.4ghz processor, 4g of crucial ddr2, and rocketfish 550w PSU. I currently run a geforce 7300gs, with no problems other than age. I installed the 9800gt and the fan just revs and the mobo beeps, the screen also recieves no signal....stays blank..., most say its the psu but it meets the minimum requirements. I've tried everything suggested already on forums, just want ideas...
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  1. If you put the 7300 back in, does the system boot then?

    If so, it is either PSU or GPU.

    How old is the PSU?
  2. The PSU is little over a year old, and yes I'm currently using the 7300
  3. I'd go ahead and RMA the GPU while you can, as it is the easiest and cheapest test at this point. Bad cards happen now and then. I had one with my first 4850.
  4. K thanks, I've talked with the evga tech guys too and it seems to be heading in that direction.
  5. Remember, the BIOS cannot test the GPU. All it can check is the interface to the GPU. If something is wrong in the core of the card, the BIOS will just give its short little beep and happily go on and try to boot.

    Brand and capacity of PSU? Those "Minimum requirements"? Does that include 12 volt capacity or just overall power requirements?
  6. Well, he said Rocketfish for the brand.
  7. It is marketed as a 550w but is actually a 500 with 550 max, it was a quick fix for when my first PSU failed, the PSU is supposed to have 2 12V with 18A each so it meets the min of the card
  8. Does it have a combined 12V wattage? (dual rails are meaningless) But regardless, unless it is defective I think you should be ok, as I have used more power hungry cards on similarly poor PSUs with little issue (though I don't recommend it).
  9. yes it does, its 432w, and 36A, but after doing some research on this PSU, it is recomended to be used at 400w, when it gets near its max of 550 its safety features kick in, turning it off or going into a restart loop, so I think my power supply is a cheap piece of junk, I didnt have time to research on it before because it was a quick fix.
  10. The psu is good enough even though the coils and stages in it aren't that great. One beep is normal for a working system while any thing more indicates an issue. RMA is the best option. Was it an eco card (no 6pin connector) or a normal card?
  11. normal card, thank you
  12. biglittle323 said:
    normal card, thank you


    I am sure that you used the 6pin connector from the psu so an RMA is the next step.
  13. of course I did, I am going to put the card in another computer to see if its my psu or the card as soon as I find someone who will let me. If its the card I'll RMA if its the PSU I'll look for another, if its the PSU any recomendations?
  14. Corsair and Seasonic; OCZ and Antec in the 500-600W range
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