CCC in crossfire strangeness

First the machine

Intel I5 750 quad core
Giga-byte GA-P55A UD4P
4 gigabytes of RipJaW ram
2 saphire HD5770 video cards
320 Gig Sata HD
1 TB Sata HD
650 Watt Antec PS
Liteon DVD-RW

Next software

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
Catalyst Drivers Version 10.3

To start off with, I must first admit that 90% of the BSOD's are because of the wireless network card, Will be hardwiring the network this weekend. This rant isn't about that.

Now the problem. I am running a profile with the cards locked in manual fan control at 70% and the power savings settings removed. If I go to the catalyst control center and look at the profiles, after about 30 seconds the second card temp drops to 0, the fan speed drops to zero and the memory and GPU frequencies drop to 0. The instant I click into GPU-Z the card comes back on for 30 seconds then drops again. I have run both cards in a second machine ( 1 at a time since it doesn't support crossfire) with absolutely no problems with either card. Has anyone else seen this problem? I thought 10.3 was going to fix all the 5 series problems
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  1. Have you looked to see if the fan actually stops or slows, or is this is just a sensor glitch?

    And why do you have to disable power saving and manually set the fan?
  2. Ok, disabling the power saving mode is to stop the video crashes. We turned the fans to 70% manually because Crysis was heating the video card to 80 C while in auto mode, but in manual at 70% they stay under 50 C
  3. And yes, you can hear the fan stop. At 70% the fans are fairly loud, and you can hear the fan stop easily
  4. 80C is ok. See if turning fan back to auto does anything.
  5. ok, I will try that, I should know it a minute, hang on I will go check.
  6. Nope, It still does it
  7. Well, I have no idea what to try next, I'm not a dual card person. I assume by your first post older drivers had the same issue?
  8. well, I didn't notice it, but we crashed all the time with older drives. I am getting tired of all the BSODs, my other 2 Win 7 computers are rock solid, this one BSOD's 8 to 10 times a day. Fortunately 90% is a driver problem that we are in the process of eliminating by hard wiring the network (have to run cable the length of the house). After we change the network out, then hopefully we will be able to figure out the last part (almost ready to go back to XP)

    EXT64, it looks like except for dual vid cards, our systems are nearly identical, how stable has your system been? I am about to get a 32 gig SSD for a boot drive to get my win7 experience #'s all into the 7's
  9. Amazingly stable. The only crashes I can remember offhand were from Crysis (glitchy Carrier level) or too high of OC. Otherwise, great. The truly amazing event though was when I touched the computer and (accidentally) shocked it pretty badly (big static build up). It, as usual was completely unphased and kept working fine, but the computer a few feet away from it (that is very sensitive to static) rebooted. No idea how that happened, but it does show how stable this comp is.
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