Why do people individually cool their RAM?

I've seen people have water cooled RAM.. and a lot of other people have personal fan attachments that go over their RAM. Where's the logic behind this? Since when did RAM get hot enough to need cooling or it'd break down? I ask because I'm building a system with 6GB of DDR3 @ 1600, and if cooling is crutial I may pick up a RAM cooler..
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  1. If you are overclocking to the limits of your hardware all the extra cooling you can get helps! In normal use additional ram cooling is not necessary.
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    Basically, the only need to have "RAM Cooling" is when you are doing high level of overclocking. When doing so, the RAM can run above stock specifications which can result in more heat, along with the additional heat caused by overclocking in general, thus the need for added cooling.
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