Storm Sniper fir 4870 Trifire?

I was wondering IF I could fit a 4870 Tri into A sTROM sNIPER CASE.

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  1. Bump.

    Does anybody know anything about this?

    Or has the NSB fourm turned to crap after my brief Haitus?
  2. As said but you're not buying 3 4870s are you?
    If they are free, well free is free.
  3. Best answer selected by builderbobftw.
  4. It's a 4870X2 and a 4870.
  5. So the real question is can a 4870X2 fit?
  6. Cool!

    Thanks man!

    I'll payapll the guy who was selling it!
  7. Well, the 4870X2 is 10.5 inches long I believe, which makes it about an inch longer than a reference 4870. If you have a reference 4870 in there, and there's more than an inch to spare, then a 4870X2 should fit fine. If you barley have an inch, then perhaps not :D.
  8. ^ I don"t own the case yet!

    I'm building my new build around it, and am planning to buy a 4870X2 for 200$ to Tri with my old 4870 from my last build.
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