SLI nVidia onboard with ATI card

i have an xfx 750a motherboard with onboard nvidia graphics and am looking into buying a decent graphics card. im currently stuck between two an MSI R5770 and an ASUS ENGTS250. not only am i looking for people's opinion on the two, but am wondering if i can SLI the two even though one of the chipsets is ATI and my board's is nVidia.
thanks in advance
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  1. Not with your motherboard.
  2. so the only chipset for a card i can get and still SLI is nVidia?
  3. If you are asking if the only cards you can install on the board and SLI are nvidia cards, then the answer is yes.

    But you have to remember that it only applies if you are installing 2 nvidia cards and planning to SLI them.

    If you plan on running only one card, you can install either an ATi card or a nvidia card. If you are using windows7 as your OS, you can have both an ATi and Nvidia card with multiple monitors.

    ( I am happy that they brought that feature back..)
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