Front USB 3.0 on Asus P8P67 pro/evo

I've read that the Asus P8P67 pro and evo boards will support front usb 3.0 with brackets. Can anyone explain what this exactly means?

As of my current understanding (please correct me if I'm wrong :))the simple p8p67 front usb 3.0 needs a compatible case to work and the deluxe version includes an adapter kit that can be placed on a 3.5" bay. Where exactly do the pro and evo boards fit in?

Also, is there any way to fit the deluxe usb 3.0 kit on a 5.25" bay? I really liked the looks of the NZXT Phantom, but it seemed to me it doesn't have any external 3.5" drive bays, which is a pitty for me :(

Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance :)
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    I basically think that they are the same as the basic P8P67 that they have two ports onboard but do not ship with the module for the front but a bracket for the back.
    They make drive adapters to fit 3,5" in 5,25" bays then it is a matter to be creative with the panel around it. Then there is always something like this
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