New build : need advice and graphics card


I'm having a new build and would like to have some advice a graphics card

General stuff:
Main use : entertainment (gaming, movies, music) and standard home pc stuff
Country : Belgium
Parts to re-use : current flat panel monitor (Dell E196FPf, 1280x1024 75 mhz), planning to upgrade in a later phase and DVD/CD Writer Rewriter Liteon LH-20A1P487C
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I would like a quiet PC, good for the future and easily upgradeable should it not suffice.

What's planned:
CPY : Intel Core i5 750
Motherboard : Asus P7P55D
PSU : OZC Modstream Pro 500W
Harddrive : Western Digital Caviar Blue SE16 500GB
Memory : 4GB Kingston Valueram DDR3-1333 kit of 2
Basic case (ASUS-Vento TA-891) with 2 extra fans (Artic Cooling F8 Pro TC)
Windows 7 64bit UK

and now for the missing part : the graphics card.
I was thinking about an ASUS EN9800 GT DI 1G D3
But I was wondering shouldn't I be going for a little better when thinking of Directx11 or wait some time untill I have the need (I'm no hardcore gamer, but now I don't like to have hardward restrictions when I want to play a certain game). Main idea is to have an easily upgradeable system for the next couple of years (let's say 5 years)
Budget for the graphics card aroud 100-120 eur (100-150 USD)

Thanks for all tips and insight.
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  1. I'd make some changes overall.

    First, take a look at the Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3. It's a very future proof board that's high quality.

    Second, I'd suggest a better PSU. Try to find a 550W Antec or Corsair. If it breaks your budget, then the OCZ is alright.

    Third, swtich the HDD to a Seagate 7200.12 500 GB or Samsung Spinpoint F3 500 GB. They'll be be faster and likely cheaper.

    Fourth, I'm just checking that the RAM is 4 GB total (two 2 GB sticks). If it's 8 GB total, it's overkill.

    Finally, I would highly suggest getting the HD 5770. It's a great card that should be at the edge of your budget.
  2. How about a few replacements
    Samsung spinpoint F3 1tb - $75
    4gb of g.skill ripjaws ddr3 1600 cas7 - $120
    What kind of case is that exactly?

    For $150 you can get a ati HD 5770. But I just checked the prices and it's more like $170 us now.
  3. @MadAdmiral:
    memory is indeed 4GB total (two sticks of 2gb)

    DDR3 1600 : isn't max 1333 for the moment (without overclocking)

    All :
    Spinpoint F3 500gb is indeed same price, 1TB is almost double the price (welcome in Belgium, where hardware prices are always higher!)

    I'll have a look at the Gigabyte mobo and the ATI HD5770 (any manufacturer in particular ?)
  4. Manufacturer doesn't really matter for the 5xxx series cards right now. I'd just go with something that's on the cheaper end.
  5. Does the 5770 ship with a DVI to VGA adaptor ?
  6. Unless it's listed as being in the box, no. Another good way to tell is by looking at the pictures, specifically the picture with the box and contents.
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