Monitor turns off but computer is still on

Hi guys, the problem is that when i play some games (high quality) the monitor just goes off but the computer is on so i have to restart my computer to continue.

these are my specs:

Benq 23' (1680x1050)
Core 2 Duo 2.4ghz
Asus P5K SE
3gb ram
ATI Radeon HD 3850 512mb.

it turns off with games like Borderlands, Sims 3, etc.
maybe its because the card runs very hot?

thanks in advance :)
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  1. Do you get a screen, however briefly, if you power-cycle the monitor?
    What are your temps? GPU-Z will tell you. Is the GPU fan running? Do you have decent airflow through your case?
  2. Just played dragons age at max setting at 1680*1050 and gpu-z recorded up to 90º C and no more than 30% fan speed. This is the only game i can play at max... others will make the monitor go off... help plz.
  3. You may need to get something like Rivatuner and set up fan speed profiles, or just force it to 70% in Catalyst Control Center.
  4. Just auto-tuned with CCC and recorded with gpu-z.

    Stats (max):

    GPU Core Clock: 742 MHz
    GPU Memory Clock: 999 MHz
    GPU Temperature: 91ºC
    Fan Speed: 78%
    GPU Load: 100%

    How do i make the fan work in games like it did on the test?
  5. There's a checkbox in CCC to set the fan speed manually. Check that, then move the slider up to 75%.
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