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Hi, I just purchased a Vertex 3 on newegg. I currently have a Corsair Force 3 SSD. I was wondering if I could raid 0 both of these. They are both 120gb drives, and have the same Sandforce controller. One of them is an Asynchronous Drive, while the other is a Synchronous drive. Would it be ok to raid 0 these 2, since intel is releasing there new IRS drivers to enable TRIM support on windows 7 soon? Will anything bad happen if I do this with 2 different brands? Thanks.
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  1. You probably won't notice any real-world difference with those 2 drives in RAID-0.
    RAID-0 also has no fault tolerance, so if one of your drives die then you lose all of your data.

    Nothing bad will happen if you decide to RAID-0 the drives, but realize that the Read/Write performance of any RAID-0 array is based upon the drive with the slowest Read/Write speeds.
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