HAF 922 + Dust Filter at PSU

Does the HAF 922 have dust filters at PSU and is it needed? If it does not have one, where can I get a dust filter or how can I make one?

Also, are there dust filters anywhere else around the case where it is REQUIRED as I am going to insert another 200mm intake fan at the side?
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  1. the haf 922 does not come with any dust filters. you can buy them online (newegg, frozencpu, etc) or some brick and morter stores (frys comes to mind).
  2. Dust filters restrict air flow, and that is contradictory to what the HAF (High Air Flow) 922 is all about. Besides, dust filters don't do much - the dust bunnies seem to get in anyway!

    When I bought my HAF 932, I did consider dust filters, but quickly abandoned the idea. A good cleaning with 'Dust Of' periodically, works well. (A computer at floor level collects more dust than one at desktop level).
  3. I remembered reading a few years ago that women's pantyhose makes good filters.
  4. cajun_duck said:
    I remembered reading a few years ago that women's pantyhose makes good filters.

    Yes. I've read the same thing. It make sense.
  5. Although air filters reduce air flow to some extent, I'd have to agree with the OP with using them at the bottom of the case for a PSU. If you have a bottom mounted PSU and a fan hole underneath it then you can use the PSU fan to suck in cool air from outside underneath the case to keep the PSU cool. However, the only problem with having the fan at the bottom of the case is that you suck up all the dust that is on the surface of wherever your system is sitting. A dust filter would make sense in this situation since the insides of a PSU are harder to clean than the inside of the your case (without voiding the warranty of course).
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95Bi3zvI8_c&feature=related

    Watch this video for making a custom filter.

    I myself wouldn't want a filter as it restricts airflow. Consider cleaning the dust out instead.
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