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I listed drivers as a sub category but I do not if that is correct.

I was changing the name on a folder when my computer crashed. I took it to my computer store and they did a scan and found six viruses and corrected that problem, therefore I have no idea what caused the crash. I was told by my computer store that the only thing they could do to retreive the data on my two hard drives would to give me a dump of what is on them but I would have to know what the file extensions are to go through that dump and get the material I want. I will admit that I kept a lot of emails a lot longer than I should have a had and sizeable delete file.
One of the key things I lost was my address book and for instance I was told by the computer store the extension would .wab. The other key sub folder was all the email on my family genealogy work. I was also told I would need another computer to sort through this dump that I could not do it on this one.

I am working with XP and now that I have the computer back I have built some similar folders like I had before bon two drives (C&D) with some different others on each of them. I had no financial data or graphics. I am seeking advice on what needs to be done to get back all this lost information. I am willing to take the instructions I get to my computer store and have them apply it. Please advise. Thank you.

Tom Garry
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  1. Exactly what did they do to fix the issue? Did they replace the hard drive? If it was just cleaning out viruses why did they have to mess with moving your data out? Where is the data now? Is it compressed as some single file? Did you already do a search for the files you need?

    Why can't they help you find the data you need?
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