Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P

I need help reconfiguring my MBO. I Bought 2 identical 2 T SATA Green Western Digital Hard drives hoping to set them up as SATA. I also hoped to set up mirrored backups.

Bottom line I can get 1 drive to show up in Device Manager as SATA and the other as "Disk Drive". I also see only one drive. There is a C: but no D: In the process I disconnected my SATA optical drive and can't get it back on line.

I can't find how to configurre these things.

You're help will be appreciated. This was much easier before I suffered my stroke.

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  1. I'm not sure if it would apply in this case but doesn't the old style BIOS only "see" 2.12GB? For higher amounts you would need one that supports EFI.
  2. 1. In bios, set Sata as Ide for On chip sata type within Advanced settings menu.
    2. You may need to format the drive for it to be detected.
    3. See if all three devices ( the two HDDs and the optical) show up in boot order in bios. You'll find that under Standard (cmos) settings.
    You can also hit F12 during boot to bring up a boot menu which will show you which drives are being recognized.
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