Monitor turns off after boot

Hello, I'm running Win 7 Home Premium x86 on My Toshiba Satellite M200 laptop (Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 @ 1,5 GHz - Intel 965 Graphic Media Accelerator - 3 GB RAM).

My Monitor just turn off suddenly when Windows supposed to show login screen, it works fine showing BIOS & Windows boot screen, but after that, just turn off suddenly although i can clearly hear Windows playing login sounds

here's what i've already done and sadly this problem's still appear:
1. Updating & reinstalling my video card driver to newest version available on the net (Intel 8.15.101930)
2. Performing clean boot to determined if my startup program mess up with my laptop, monitor still shut off even i have disabled all of my startup program + all non-Microsoft services via msconfig
3. do the trick i found after googling, remove power cord + battery -> press power button for about 2 minutes -> insert battery -> press the power button

so the only thing i could do (when the monitor turns off) is just press the power button to shut down improperly then press the power button again to reboot my laptop, viola! my monitor works normally, try to restart or shutdown then power up my laptop again, bam!
monitor turns off again ..

anyone please help, i guess it's related to my VGA issue ..
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  1. I would contact Toshiba, if their internal wiring is screwy or there is a problem with the laptop's motherboard only they can fix it. Does Toshiba have it's own drivers for it's laptops?
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