HI There,

I have a Toshiba A100 SATELLITE purchased in Dec/2006

lately, my laptop screen is just off, the screen is all black, I use electricity,I have to restart again.
it can happen anytime
I can't figure out what causes the laptop shut off?

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  1. Sudden shutdown is typically caused by overheating. It shuts down to prevent damage to the system's vital (and expensive) components.

    Make sure all the cooling vents are clear of fluff build-up.

    Don't have the laptop resting on blankets or on your clothing when it's being used as the soft surfaces can block the vents underneath. Always place the laptop on a hard surface or on a tray on your lap. This will ensure that there's always a gap underneath it where hot air can escape and cooler air can be drawn in.
  2. thank you for your reply, I always put my laptop on my desk
    so it has nothing to do with the age of laptop or video card ?

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