I have 2 hard drives on my computer- C and D.

D used to be E untill the computer came back from the technician with a brand new Windows 7 OS. The problem is that all shortcuts that lead to a location on E are now invalid.

How can I fix that? I'd rather change all the shortcuts (if there's a way to do so efficiently) than change the hard drive letter back to E. (Because it seems more well-organized when C and D are hard drives and E is for CDs :p )

Thank you for your help. People helping for free are what makes the internet awesome.
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  1. Yes, go to the program .exe and right-click and set as shortcut. It may be a little tedious.

    If the program has trouble opening, you'd probably have to re-install your programs.
  2. The programs are fine, actually. The problam is that I have many many shortcuts, so I want to fix them instead of making new ones.
    I assume the only easy way is to change the hard drive's letter (how can I do that?), unless there's some script I can run that will change E to D in all shortcuts (For exemple, change "E:\Plants vs. Zombies\PlantsVsZombies.exe" to "D:\Plants vs. Zombies\PlantsVsZombies.exe").
  3. Okay, just right-click on the .exe, and change the target and Start in:

    The target will look like something like this "C:\Program Files (x86)\Plantsvs.Zombies\Plantsvs.Zombies.exe"

    Just make sure where the your programs exactly are. Some of your programs may not be in the x86 folder.
  4. I know already how to change shortcuts one by one, that's not what I asked...
    Also, if it's not clear, I know exectly where the programs are- nothing has changed except for the hard-drive's letter
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