What type of PSU do I have?

I have the dell inspiron 530s. From a range of websites I have found out that the 250w rating of the power supply is for continuous output, but I'm not sure about the peak or type of power supply.
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  1. best way to find out is to open the case. there should be a sticker on the side of your psu
  2. I don't know why but a website is actually selling the power supply. unfortunately it doesn't say the type. can u tell by the tiny picture?

  3. It's a TFX, like this Seasonic, which is a better unit (e.g. 80+ bronze, and favorably reviewed by HardwareSecrets and Jonnyguru): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151090
  4. It looks a bit special sized, like a TFX unit.

    What do you need to know?
    1) Do you need to replace a defective unit?
    2) Are you contemplating upgrading to a strong video card?
    3) Other reasons?
  5. number 2. my case and power supply are really limiting my options for video cards. I have to go for low profile and low power cards. that 300w power supply doesn't seem like much of an upgrade. I was looking at some case and power supply combo deals but I'm not sure if my current motherboard will work with them.
  6. If your motherboard has a pci-e x16 slot, you can probably use any graphics card that does not need an6 pin pci-e connector. This might be as good as a 5570.

    If you have a spare 5 1/2 drive bay, there are auxiliary psu's that will drive any single card.

    Unless your motherboard is a BTX type, you can probably use it in any case.
    If you get a new case, it would be better to use a conventional psu instead of the aux addition.
  7. That Seasonic PSU was tested up to 345W. You wouldn't want to run it flat out like that, but you'd have no problem with a HD5570. Only the size of your case prevents you from putting a HD5750 in there.
  8. yeh i was looking at the 5570, gt240 low profile and the 9600gt low profile. i could wait a few months for the new nvidia cards aswell but i doubt they will be low profile. couldn't the 5570 work on my current psu? therefore i wouldnt need a new psu, unless i want to go for the gts250.
  9. It might, if your psu is a high quality unit(doubtful) but the official amd requirements want 400w.

    You could try it, planning to upgrade the psu if it doesn't work properly. Under load, you will see artifacts or other symptoms.
  10. they do recommend it but the 5570 has a max power draw of 42w. the current gpu im using, hd2400 pro, has a max power draw of 25w. ive overclocked my current gpu aswell but i have no problems with it.

    the low profile gt240 i found has a minimum power supply requirement of 250w and i think it uses more power then the 5570.
  11. You should post a pic with that sticker like this

    The +12V is important, how many Amps do you have? Also below that "ЯU" logo it's written LEVEL3 E239511. If you have something like that written on yours tell us what's the number after the E.
  12. Your picture is just a logo of techimo. I found out that the power supply is made by bestec and the model number. From that I found a picture of the sticker.

  13. infernox_01 said:
    Your picture is just a logo of techimo.

    Sorry about that, it was something else when I posted that, anyway you found the thing.

    Found this:


    Your mobo is this one?


    If yes, it's a standard mATX mobo and I suggest changing the case/PSU and get a good video card so you can use them on your next PC as well. You can get a good PSU and case for under $100. The case should be ATX so you can use it on your next build if you go with an ATX mobo. I think investing in a weak video card (if you're gaming) isn't worth it.

  14. mosox said:
    Sorry about that, it was something else when I posted that, anyway you found the thing.

    Found this:


    Your mobo is this one?


    If yes, it's a standard mATX mobo and I suggest changing the case/PSU and get a good video card so you can use them on your next PC as well. You can get a good PSU and case for under $100. The case should be ATX so you can use it on your next build if you go with an ATX mobo. I think investing in a weak video card (if you're gaming) isn't worth it.


    im not sure if thats the exact 1. the picture shows a pink plug and a green plug at the back with the old keyboard and mouse plugs. i dont have these, i just have the blue plug. this could be because its not the exact motherboard that it says on the wikipedia page. either way i guess it does mean the power supply is mATX. so will a ATX power supply and case work with the motherboard or do i have to find a mATX psu?
  15. Bestec is one of the WORST pieces of crap out there.
    Different model, but same wattage and likely same quality: http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=154
  16. well i have found out that AFX power supplies will work with mAFX motherboards. I've been looking around and found a few that look good. I decided to go with a case and psu combo.

    heres 1 with a coolermaster case and 620w psu (which isnt by coolermaster). Link

    This 1 is a bit more expensive but also has a coolermaster case with a coolermaster 460w psu. i can buy this coolermaster psu separately for £35 but as a combo its a good deal. link

    heres 1 with a coolermaster case and a coolermaster 700w psu bundle. pretty cheap but the box is damaged.

    heres 1 with a weird looking case and a 650w psu. doesn't give much details about the psu really. link

    I have also found this arctic power 700w PSU that is pretty cheap which i can put into any case. link

    This corsair 400w power supply looks good with 5 year warranty. link
  17. That Corsair PSU is high quality. Coolermaster Silent Pro also reviewed very well; the older Coolermasters are overrated junk.
    I can't tell on the others, but I'd be careful. The PSU is not the place to cut corners.
    In your place, I'd go for the damaged box case+PSU; you can always get another cheap case if that one is too banged-up to use.
  18. just my luck that the coolermaster combo is now out of stock. searching for it seperately, the psu costs twice as much so that was a very good offer. Thanks for the help anyway.
  19. sorry to revive an old thread but now that there is a low profile 5670 I'm torn on a decision. I'm not sure if the 5670 will work on my 250w psu but it will save me alot of money. Its either that or buying a new case, psu and the 5770. the case, psu and 5770 would come up to £170 but the 5670 is around £70. It would also save me alot of time and effort instead of moving the whole system into a new case.
  20. Post some pics with the inside of your case, we want to see if a regular ATX PSU would fit.
    That Corsair you were looking at is good and it's 5.9"(W) x 3.4"(H) X 5.5"(L); 150mm(W) x 86mm(H) x 140mm(L) according to the Corsair site.

    Post a pic with the back of the case too, I want to see the PSU mounting screws.
  21. this is all the information I have about the system atm. has a lot of diagrams that show the motherboard and inside view of the computer. Width-3.9 in, Depth-17.1 in, Height 14.3 in. ill post some pics later


    edit-just checked and found out the power supply currently in my comp has a TFX form factor but is an ATX psu. the dimensions: 178L x 85.7W x 69.8H mm (7.0" x 3.4" x 2.8"). Efficiency: 65% minimum. DC Outputs (Amps Max/Min): +3.3V (11/0.0A), +5V (18/2.0A), +12V (17/0.0A), -12V (0.3/0.0A), +5VSB (2.0/0.0A)
    DC Notes: (1) +5V and +3.3V 120W maximum output.
  22. im not sure if the corsair will fit or not and to reduce the risk when putting the 5670 low profile in there i could get 1 of these 2 TFX psus i found. the seasonic 300w isnt available in the UK btw.

    400w psu by EZcool. i registered and checked the price. very cheap only £19.99 link

    300w psu by Be Quiet. Description says it has a high level of efficiency up to 86%. over twice the price of the other 1 though. link
  23. No, the Corsair would not fit in your case.
    If those are your only choices I would trust the Be Quiet model much more than the EZCool. Is active PFC not a requirement in the UK? I doubt the EZCool is capable of outputting what's on it's label, and an efficiency of 65% is dismal, and means a lot of waste heat.
  24. well would you trust the ezcool more then the bestec i currently have? couldnt you work it out through the voltage loads. the ezcool has voltage load: +3.3v 28A; +5V 35A; +12V 24A; -12V 0.8A;+5vsb 2.0A and the Be Quiet has voltage load: +3.3V: 20A • +5V: 22A • +12V1: 14A • +12V2: 16A • -12V: 0.5A • +5Vsb: 2.5A.

    the be quiet psu is pretty expensive, i could buy the corsair and a new case for the same price. 1 thing i am worried about when moving the motherboard is the back panel of my dell. its built into the case but I have read that people have screwed it out or have had to use a normal inspiron 530 case which has the same motherboard. other people have said that it mounts perfectly into other cases default I/O panel.
  25. What's on the EZCool's label and what it is capable of providing could be two different things. Having a modern, active PFC circuit automatically makes the Be Quiet model less worrisome. I found one translated review for it that, while incomplete, showed it was able to produce a little more than its labeled values without burning up, maintained voltages within tolerance, and was efficient. While this says nothing about ripple and noise, on a bad PSU or one about to blow, efficiency usually tanks, and the +12V rails often go out of spec when the unit is asked to provide anywhere near its rated output.
  26. so will the be quiet be able to power the 5670 low profile? its not actually out yet but I'm guessing it will have a max usage of around 60w. for the price i would rather get a new case and the corsair but like I said im not sure about the back panel. doesnt look like it can be removed.

    heres how it looks like.

  27. I think you should go for the Coolermaster Elite 330 + Coolermaster eXtreme Power 460W and you'll be able to use those on your next rigs as well.

    LE: or that Corsair and a budget case:

  28. my motherboard would fit in the case but like I said I think the back I/O panel is fixed in my current case. at first i was thinking of getting this case with the corsair psu.

  29. The I/O panel can't be fixed to the case, it comes with the mobo not with the case.
  30. well I was searching around on google and found this. same issue I have.


    edit. found the same thing in a thread on tomshardware.

  31. The low-end Coolermaster PSUs are garbage.
    The Be Quiet would have no trouble with a HD5670.
  32. well the only solution to moving my motherboard into another case is to move it into a inspiron 530 case. it has the same locked I/O panel on the back and uses the same motherboard so it should fit. it is a mATX case so it is a bit cramped inside but at least it supports ATX psu's. hard to find them however.

    at least the be quiet will handle the 5670 which should be enough for me at 1280x1024.
  33. If that mobo is a standard mATX it will fit in any case. And you don't need an I/O panel, that is just a cover. Can't you borrow a case and give it a try?
  34. No, apparently it is NOT just a cover, as this is a proprietary Dell. That's been well-covered in the linked threads.
  35. well i just found out that theres going to be a low profile 5770. no idea about release date or power consumption, the normal one has max power draw of 108w, surely it will be less then that. if it can work on the be quiet then no need for a new case and I will be a happy man.

  36. maybe the low profile 5750 would be better. it currently has a max power draw of 86w so if they can get it down enough to be able to use without the pci-e 6 pin power connector it should work.

    i have also found a 300w TFX psu from FSP. it is slightly cheaper then the be quiet (delivery is sort of expensive whereas the be quiet is delivered for free).


    more specs of the psu can be found on newegg. pictures show the label aswell.

  37. That PSU is good, assuming it is the same project as their other small form-factor 300W 80+ PSU. It was reviewed as part of the Silverstone SUGO SG-05 case not long ago. No, it is NOT the exact same PSU, but the specs suggest the internals are the same. They also have the same UL and CSA numbers.
  38. The only concern I have is that there are 2 different versions of the psu. there is a 250w continuous output with 300w peak output version and a 300w continuous output with unknown peak output version. the product code on the scan website is for the 300w continuous output version but the image is of the 250w continuous output version. might just be a mistake. also found out that inwin and antec both have cases with 300w 80plus tfx power supplys. I cant use the case but can use the power supply in these cases. found a list of 80 plus tfx power supplies. most of these are found in asia though but the fsp and be quiet are there.

    HEC Group HEC-300FB TFX 300 87.28%
    Sparkle Power SPI300T8AB TFX 300 85.72%
    FSP Technology Inc. FSP300-60SBV TFX 300 85.72%
    AOpen AO300-08TB8 TFX 300 85.72%
    In Win IP-P300EF7-2 TFX 300 85.57%
    Jou-Jye JJ-400-AUTD TFX12V 400 85.50%
    FSP Technology Inc. FSP300-60GHT (85) TFX12V 300 85.30%
    Sparkle Power SPI300T8H8 TFX 300 85.30%
    Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd. SS-300TFX TFX 300 85.25%
    Sparkle Power SPI300T8H8 TFX12V 300 85.21%
    Skydigital PS2-T350EF TFX12V 350 84.30%
    Be Quiet BQT TFX-300W TFX 300 84.29%
    Enhance Electronics TFX-0130 (pre-production) TFX 300 84.27%
    Skydigital PS2-T300EF TFX12V 300 84.12%
    Bestec Power Electronics Co., Ltd. TFX0250EWWB TFX12V 300 83.97%
    In Win IP-P300DF7-2 TFX12V 300 83.84%
    FSP Technology Inc. TFX-300SAV TFX12V 300 83.76%
    Sparkle Power SPI300T8A8 TFX12V 300 83.76%
  39. I don't see where your problem is. If it's a standard mATX mobo, it WILL work in any case. The backplate is part of your case and doesn't come out but you don't need that, it's just a metal plate with some holes in it. The frontal panel connectors are standard.
  40. Although it is true that the back plate is technically not needed, it provides grounding and therefor some protection from ESD. It is better to have it than not.
  41. i thought it wouldnt turn on without it. the back panels that come with cases have the holes in the wrong place. looking around google, you can buy these back panel I/O shields so ill try finding 1 that fits. heres an image of the back panel so if u can find 1 that looks similar, link it.

  42. geofelt said:

    If you have a spare 5 1/2 drive bay, there are auxiliary psu's that will drive any single card.

    i actually just realised this and started searching for them. I currently have a memory card reader in there that i dont actually use. the only problem is finding these dedicated power supplies.

    i found a thermaltake 650w powersupply. costs quite a bit but for 650w its worth it. link

    i have found quite alot of these dedicated power supplies in combo deals with graphics card. heres a 300w psu that comes with a 3450. link

    searched around for the power supply used in that combo and found it, same price as the be quiet. link

    found a fps booster x3 with 300w psu. cheap but out of stock atm. link
  43. I didn't think power was the issue here.
  44. fair enough, that was just in case I needed more power for the low profile 5750. maybe I should just aim to run the 5670 sufficiently. anyway I checked with scan and they say that the image is just used to illustration purposes and that I should purchase the goods based on the product code, which is right. I checked with ebuyer and they are going to be receiving more TFX power supplies from their suppliers soon. according to the quote i provided it has higher efficiency then the be quiet and is cheaper. ill keep looking for the back panels. i have found some foxconn back panels which have similar holes but they do have some extra and the vga 1 is out of place.
  45. guyz breakthrough. found this video of a guy switching the motherboard into a new case. he also noticed that it doesnt come with a removable back I/O plate. however he found that it does come with a mesh overlay sort of thing that is seperating direct contact between the motherboard outputs and the I/O shield built into the case. he used that in his new case. he did get quite a few comments asking him about it. i guess this mesh type plate is better then nothing. he did show the computer working and i think its still working now, over 1 year after the video. so i guess im back to the corsair and any case.

  46. Also you can cut out the I/O panel from your case and use it.
  47. could I use something like this which has the outputs in the right place but also has extra outputs, then put the mesh plate behind it so that the extra outputs are sealed?

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