160gb western digital external hard drive fell and i cannot access it

my 160gb western digital external drive dropped recently and i have been unable to access it since. it starts up, my win7 pc makes a little sound acknowledging that something has been plugged but nothing shows. there;s no sign of it anywhere.

pls pls help as all my work files are on it
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  1. You could open the case and make sure that all connectors are fully inserted. If that doesn't work and your files are very important, then you should send it to a reputable data recovery service.

    Why didn't you keep a copy of your important files on another hard disk?
  2. Another thing you could TRY would be to remove the HDD unit from inside the external case and connect it instead as an internal HDD inside your desktop system. IF you are really lucky, the HDD itself might be OK and you could access its files that way.
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