GeForce 9800GT (ASUS) driver installation problem

Recently bought a new card Nvidia GeForce 9800GT (ASUS).

I have googled this problem but no luck.
I can not install its driver. Driver installation goes till the half and PC freezes. When I reboot PC again it freezes also. Without installing driver VGA works without freezing. Then I turn PC on safe mode remove the driver and install the latest version of it downloaded from the official web site of Nvidia. It doesn't help also, can someone point me the way I can take to solve the problem?
Updated Driver for chipset on motherboard, also has no effect

MB: MSI ms-7519 P43 Neo (has one PCI-E slot)
RAM: Kingston 2GB
HDD: Seagate 500 GB, SATA
Power Supply: 450W, Huntkey
Monitor: LG W2234S, 22 "
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  1. What card were you using before this 9800?
  2. Not sure if it requires XP SP3. I can't see anything where it requires this, but honestly, if you are still on XP you should be on SP3.
  3. Before I was using Ati radeon hd 3870.

    I cleaned all previous drivers with DriverCleaner and reinstalled driver of geForce 9800GT this time it went well. But again time I can not play some games like Assassins Creed. Blue screen showing some error with invalid reference comes out and PC reboots itself automatically.
    I will try to switch to SP3 as soon as I have time to reinstall OS.
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