Athlon II X3 440, Is it a good choice?

Hi! I'd like to ask you if I bought a good CPU, because I don't know if I did it well.

First of all, I bought this CPU(I'll pay for it the next monday) because my PC has an Intel Pentium D, and honestly, it is horrible, I can't play the recent games in low settings and I can't watch HD videos, and I feel my PC very very slow even after a format.

Could I play the recent games with a Nvidia 8500 GT and the Athlon II x3 440 and 4 GB @ 1600 Mhz?

Like APB, Sniper Ghost Warrior... at least in medium settings.

Kind Regards,
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  1. You need a new motherboard if your going to use that Athlon II X3, Intel and AMD use different sockets and their processors require different motherboards. Honestly that 8500GT is also trash, it'll struggle on most games that are any where near modern. It's actually probably holding you back more than that Pentium D is right now in games.
  2. I bought a Gigabyte UD3H too, i forgot write it.

    Well, I'll buy a new Graphic card, but I don't have enough money. What graphic card do you recommend?
  3. if you can't even play an HD video then its definitely your graphics system holding you back. Did you at least look to see which processors your old board supported?
    Theres a hundred bucks you could have put towards a new graphics card.

    In any event, look up the recommended (not the minimum) requirements for the games you want to play and buy the best card you can from the list you compile. Don't forget your power supply, powerful graphics cards needs power.
  4. Athlon 440 is a great CPU for the price as for GPU depending on budget I would recommend a Radeon 5750, 5770, 5830 or 5850 or the new Nvidia 260
  5. Ok, thank you so much for the replies ;)
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