DDR2-8500 1066 showing as 400 instead of 533

Alright so I have Patriot Gaming series DDR2-8500 1066Mhz ram. Now I know that because it is dual channel ram it should show up at 533Mhz (X2 for dual channel = 1066Mhz). My problem is, after I changed the voltage and timing to factory specs, the ram still shows up as 400Mhz instead of 533Mhz using CPU-Z.

FSB: DRAM= 1:2 (not sure about what this is)
CL= 5
tRCD= 5
tRP= 5
tRAS= 15
tRC=24 (Not sure what this should be set at b/c it did not say in manual)
CR= 2T (also not sure what this should be set at)

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?
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  1. I have a AM2+ board where I had to set the ram speed manually to get 1066 it was a very common problem. Adjust everything according to your ram specs.
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