Missing boot device awith RR662 TR5UT+(B)

A HP q6600 Vista 32-bit system. (M8100Y). Trying to install an eSata card (raid rocket 662) that came bundled with a Sans Digital TR5UT+(b) raid enclosure. Not succeeding.

Installed the RR622 card. Booted. Created raid5 array in Sans Digital Enclosure. Formatted, all OK. The Sans Digital enclosure is for data only, the boot drive is a WD 1.TB Sata internal drive not installed in the TR5UT+.

When I power up the PC with the Sans Digital raid array active the BIOS in the PC can see the HP drive and run smart test against it OK, however the boot menu only shows the RR622 (and opticals). The WD drive is missing from the boot list.

When I power up the PC with the Sans Digital powered off the RR622 does not find drives and the 1.5TB WD internal drive is again available for Boot.

For some reason when the RR622 finds drives the BIOS will not find my boot device.

Any Suggestions?
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  1. I gave up on the RR622, and used the passthru SATA to eSATA supplied with the Sand Ditial raid box to connect it. That dropped me to Sata 2 speeds which are still faster than I need. So everything working for me without the RR622, and I am not missing the 30 seconds extra this card added to boot times as it hunted for disk drives.

    Since then Sans Digital Support sent me a nice note in reply to my e-mail. I'll post it below for people who find this thread. I didn't try it, but suspect that it would have fixed my problem.
    That might have something to do with the BIOs on the RR622 card that has
    the int13 enabled. You will need to follow the instructions below to
    update the BIOs of the RR622 card with int13 disabled:

    1. Download flashRR622BIOS.zip from the link below
    2. Unzip it to your computer
    3. Create a bootable USB and extract Newrr622.zip to it
    4. Reboot PC w/ USB key (ensure enclosure is off)
    5. From command prompt run load newrr622
    6. After flashing completes reboot.

    If want to remove BIOS utility
    5. From command prompt run load -e 0=0 newrr622 /q
    6. After flashing completes reboot.

    To create a bootable USB drive, please unzip Dos System files to your
    computer, run the SP27213.exe. It will install a utility on your
    computer. You can then launch the utility, insert a flash drive and
    select create a bootable USB. When it asks for the system file, please
    browse it to the Dos System Files folder.



    Alfred Lok
    Sans Digital Tech support
  2. moderator can you plz close thread. (or post how I can.. I can't figure it out)
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