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ok i was wondering i am getting some lag when playing games like need for speed shift, crysis, modern warfare that require a good gpu...mostly i play mw2 though...i also have it on ps3 but the pc version seems to lag more than its console counterpart....

windows 7
asus m2n sli mobo
amd 64 x2 2.8ghz cpu
evga 9800gtx+ gpu
2gig ddr2 ram
corsair tx650watt psu

im playing mw2 on normal settings at 1280x720 resolutions no AA and not syncing every probably getting 15-25 fps

i thought that my gpu was better than the ps3 & xbox360 gpu's...but im getting lag compared to the consoles..
drivers downloaded from nvidia site
.any help would be appreciated...thanks
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  1. Did you overclock your pc.Gpu or cpu

    i have a 9800GT and i get avg 45 fps in 1280x1024 with everything high 2AA
    and 26 fps avg in crysis Highv 1280x1024
  2. no i didnt overclock just seems kind of low for a gpu that should be able to play those games on normal settings with no lag
  3. no it can max all games at 1280X1024 even my 9800Gt can max out games
    but it can be your card try another card

    i sorry but you seem to get performance Lower than 9600GT
  4. are you playing single player or multi-player?
  5. probably he should be reporting about single player gameplay
  6. I have these two items of yours in my sons Gateway system and have no issue at all with CODMW2 @1920x1200.

    amd 64 x2 2.8ghz cpu
    evga 9800gtx+ gpu

    The only difference is I have 3GB of RAM and Windows Vista (Home)
  7. well im playing mw2 online...theres not major lag but some lag that u can see...i guess somewhere under 30 fps
  8. if you are playing online, then the issue may be your ISP

    if you have FRAPS (donwload it if you don't) and see what FPS your single player game gives you.
  9. i just used 1680x1050...2xAA...texture quality at automatic settings.. im getting about 32-35 fps in the first mission in single player where the soldiers run through the city
  10. hey you are telling me that you get more fps in high RES
  11. well earlier was just a guesstimate of fps...then i used fraps but there still some lags more when i play online that about average for fps for 9800gtx+?
  12. in 1680x1050 if you get 35 fps avg then its probs with your card

    but you always have problems in online gaming due to high ping,bad connection and low broadband speed
  13. your FPS is fine on single player

    your multi-player issue is caused by the game server/your ISP
  14. Exactly
  15. thanks guys for your help
  16. i dont know how the multiplayer servers work in those games, but if you can choose the server which you connect to, try choosing one thats closest to you. You should get shorter ping times and improve the gameplay a little this way.
  17. There are no servers. It is peer to peer based gaming.
  18. oh ok, then try to find playmates closer to home lol :P
  19. i dont think you can find playmates closer to home...i believe its more like random people like on the console versions multiplayer
  20. yeah, i sort of got that, just a little joke :)
  21. thanks guys for your info...i think im gonna upgrade to something a little better...looking for a good second hand gtx 275 ftw version if i can find one
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