Connecting two cat5e sockets in parrallel

im trying to connect two cat5e sockets in parrallel but when i do i lose my connection. I thought at first it was because i was putting two lots of wires in the back but i have tried it by placing the second set of wires in with the end stripped and i losethe connection whenever i connect either the orange/white or the green cables.

Can anyone help?
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  1. Why are you putting them in parallel? If you're trying to run two systems off the same wire it won't work, not without a switch or hub between the computers.
  2. i have a socket on the wall and i want to put a socket under my desk only one will be used at anytime. I dont want to lose the connection on the wall incae i ever need to plug in at that point so i thought i would be able to simply spur off the original socket.
  3. You've lost me.

    Only thing I can guess is *maybe* you're trying to connect two ethernet devices over a single ethernet cable. It's best just to use switches, but they do make adapters, one you place on each end, that allow TWO ethernet devices to share a single ethernet cable. Not something I recommend, not something I can imagine using myself, but they do exist. (note, MUST be used in pairs)

    Otherwise, if I'm way off base, nevermind.
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